I’d really like Elounor shippers to Explain the Strong picture Harry posted. Go ahead. I dare you

What am I even supposed to be explaining lmao theres literally nothing



Do you not see how much they have changed since X Factor? If Larry is not real and management doesn’t tell Harry and Louis what to do, then Louis and Harry’s friendship is pretty crappy. But it’s not. In case you haven’t notice, Larry is real and management do tell Harry and Louis what to do.So suck it up if youtruly love them. Being a Larry shippers take a lot in. Technically Larry Shippers are the only true fans that would support the boys gay, straight, bi. Harry is basically dropping hints about Larry, here and there.  I don’t find anything wrong about a boyxboy relationship. AND DO NOT GET ME STARTED WITH ELOUNOR SHIPPERS!  We respect Eleanor. I don’t know where they get the idea that we hate her. I don’t hate her. I don’t know much about her. So Elounor shippers have the right to give Larry Shippers hate? El’s human, I’m human, fans are human, the boys are human. We are only human. And it’s sad that we, Larry Shippers are treated differently form the other fan members.

I hope this changes peoples POV of Larry. If it doesn’t then do these things:

1. Watch One Direction videos before 2012. (I know it’s hard to that, I know you will cry because those are old videos)

2. Watch One Direction videos that are present. 

3. Do Harry and Louis act the same now? Are they close like before?

Larry Shippers are the only true fans that would support the boys gay, straight, bi.”

Anonymous; "hi can you help me debunk a l*rry tweet: someone tweeted harry in 2011 saying: are you jealous of eleanor? and he replied with "yeah i shaved her hair off." im sure youve seen it or heard it before, idk why i just saw it now. im an elounor shipper but idk how to explain this to myself"

i think that you’re probably looking at it a bit harder than you need to be.  

  1. in 2011, 1d was majorly upselling the bromance thing. it wasn’t until 2012 that they really started expressing their discomfort with it all. imagine a world where there’s next to no tension between elounor and l*rry. that’s 2011. 
  2. no animosity btwn harry and eleanor, as well. harry “introduced” them (if you can call it that), and harry actually posted one of the first personal elounor pix. they didn’t hate each other (probably). they still don’t hate each other in 2014 (probably) (i’m leaving room for like, clashes in personalities n shit. maybe they just don’t get along)
  3. it was a joke. maybe he was referring to her hair bein curly so he had to shave it. probably it was b/c HE was louis’ bff so he was used to being at the centre of his attention. who knows. who cares. he’s a strange boy
  4. if harry did hate her and he was genuinely jealous…….. why would he publicly tweet a fan about it… looking @ it from a l*rry perspective, if eleanor is already there louis and harry are already in a relationship and are also in the closet. signed a contract to keep it secret and shit. is he just gonna turn around and be like “yeah fuck eleanor what a musty b*tch”
Anonymous; "can u pls explain the elk thing i am v confused"

debunklarry got an anon message that mentioned that the tat on louis’ arm might be an elk for eleanor u know because EL and and the l*rries are getting out of control over it like they never said that eleanor is a triplet


what will elounor shippers do when larry comes out lmao

Cannot be worse than what Larry shippers did when Elounor was confirmed. If we’re not ignoring Louis’ words and creating elaborate conspiracy theories for why they’re actually together, then we’re not going as hard as y’all did


In italy when someone cheats on his/her girlfriend/boyfriend with another girl/boy u say “oh his girlfriend/boyfriend has got antlers”.
Elounor shippers are saying that Louis’ “elk” is for Eleanor.
Elks have antlers.
So Eleanor has antlers too?


Just FYI: no one but is saying the elk thing but larry shippers

I wonder what eleanor, tina, gretchen, the harry bird, the louis bird, eleanor’s boyfriend max, jay, keith and clive calder, evil!taylor swift, and the millioms of modest management employees working 2 keep harry n louis apart would thimk about el=elk

Anonymous; "one time a fan met harry at some restaurant or something and captioned her pic with him as like "just having lunch with harry fucking styles" or something and bromanceshmetc was like in her tags on the photo "i fucking hate this caption no you didnt have lunch with harry styles you were at the same restaurant shut the fuck up" (paraphrasing, idk what she said exactly but it was way too harsh) and i was just like ?????? I bet $100 you'd never see that hatred toward a male fan"


girls who get spotted with him will be hounded and harassed (if they good looking !) but when that dude ran into harry at the restaurant the other week did you hear a peep? like i said before it’s just BLATANT BLATANT BLATANT sexist misogynistic shit that is exclusive to the crazy dedicated l*rry believers, and the young het girls who haven’t learnt to not be pieces of shit to other girls. it’s incomprehensible 



one of my FAVOURITE things about some of the bigger l*rry blogs is how blatantly sexist they are. like if a pretty girl gets a picture with harry they’ll comment in their tags like “he doesn’t want a picture with you” like ? how can U be that threatened by a girl getting a picture wiht harry ? are…

Wow i’m sorry honey but i think you’re talking about harry girls who can’t stand the thought of harry beng with someone else. You’re trying so hard to make us look bad when we’re actualy not.

what harry girls r doing it tho ? lots of the harry girls i see (when faced w/ a pic of harry and a hot girl) will be like “WOW SHES SO HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!” stop demonizing het girls for wanting to be with a celebrity sexual attraction is nothing to be ashamed of and shouldn’t be repressed

that’s not to say that there AREN’T mean harry het girls. fuck ALL the people who hate on girls simply for being near harry. but at least for them, their logic is a bit more understandable, though still not acceptable (“i want harry for myself so fuck that girl for being near him” vs. “harry is in love with someone else so don’t you dare go near him because apparently if harry IS in a dedicated relationship w/ louis he still can’t control himself so l*rry shippers gotta come to his rescue and protect him from the nasty girls”)

Anonymous; "LITERALLY BEFORE I WAS I EVEN READ YOUR TAG./ HAD GONE ON HER BLOG I WAS GONNA SEND YOU AN ASK AS A JOKE LIKE "why dont u just @ bromanceshmomance next time" because she has done it MANY times it's so ridiculously overly defensive and like I HATE referring to other girls as 'bitchy' but that is just straight up unneccessary snarky bitchiness on her behalf like why are you so BOTHERED that harry is taking a photo with a GIRL im so ANGRY"

YEAH it’s not even a question of whether l*rry is real or not it’s just GIRL HATE it’s just internalized misogyny that is based and backed by these wacked out beliefs it’s this “harry styles would NEVER fuck you because he’s gay for louis you nasty slutty whore lol stop trying so hard when you’ll never get his dick !” and i can’t handle it